Thank you to all of our patrons who support our one-of-kind event, Winter Wonderful. Your charitable gift ensures our music scholarships will be replenished, our award-winning choral programs will be enhanced and our community outreach will be expanded.


Special thanks to The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation for sponsoring the Donna E. Shalala MusicReach table.

As Winter Wonderful tables and tickets are purchased, the patrons will automatically be added to the lists below:


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  • Platinum Circle

    The Gordon Alliance

  • Gold Circle

    Allan M. Herbert
    The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation

  • Silver Circle

    The Miller Family Foundation
    Robert and Judi Prokop Newman

  • Bronze Circle

    The Honorable John E. Bush and Mrs. Bush
    Ambassadors Sue and Chuck Cobb
    Jonathan and Karen Fryd
    Dorothy and Henry Norton
    Hazel Rosen
    Jacqueline Simkin
    Skanska USA Building, Inc.

  • Patron Circle

    The Alma Jennings Foundation
    Nancy and Jon Batchelor
    Julia and Shelton G. Berg
    President Julio Frenk, University of Miami
    The Goldsmith Family Foundation
    Michael Guilford and Cynthia Beamish
    University of Miami Libraries
    University of Miami Miller School of Medicine
    The Tonkinson Foundation

  • Bronze Ticket

    Ms. Claire McGrath
    Dr. Stephen J. Nelson and Mrs. Sue G. Nelson
    Mr. Loren Schlachet