Sue and Charles Cobb

Sue and Charles CobbAmbassadors Chuck and Sue Cobb are long time contributors to the University of Miami. Chuck has been a trustee for 40 years and has been the past chair of the Board of Trustees and the former chair of many of its committees, including Executive, Finance, Investment, Strategic Planning, Construction, and the Presidential Search Committee. Sue is a graduate of UM School of Law and has been active on the Law School and Athletic Policy Committees. Their family has contributed over $4 million to UM such as Cobb Stadium and the Cobb Fountain. Many scholarships have been funded through their generosity.

Sue is president of the Cobb Family Foundation, former ambassador to Jamaica, secretary of state of Florida, CEO of the Florida Lottery, partner at Greenberg Traurig and a multi-year member and three times chair of the Miami Federal Reserve. In addition to being an alumni of UM School of Law, she is a graduate of Stanford University.

Chuck has served as the CEO and/or board member of many prominent corporations including Arvida, Pan Am, Disney, Penn Central, LNR, Southeast Bank, WCI Communities, Ameritas, and CLC of America. He is the former undersecretary of commerce and ambassador to Iceland. He received his BA and MBA degrees from Stanford University.

The Ambassadors have been officers and directors of several public, private, and charitable boards and have received numerous awards including national honors from both Jamaica and Iceland